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Trina Solar Panels

Company Overview

A Chinese Company founded in 1997

One of the largest manufacturers

Have presence in 160 countries

Cumulative shipments exceeded 150 Gigawatt +

Manufacturing base in China, Thailand & Vietnam

Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2020

100% bankability by Bloomberg NEF

Employs 30,000 staffs globally



Cumulative Shipments
Tina Solar


Solar power plants connected to grid



Tina Solar


Worldwide Customers

Trina Solar Panel Range

Vertex N – 605W/695W Ultra-High-Power Module

Vertex N 605W – Bifacial Dual Glass

Vertex N 695W – Bifacial Dual Glass

The exceptional qualities of n-type cells, such as their high efficiency, impressive bifaciality, minimal temperature coefficient, and low degradation, are all embodied in the latest Vertex N high-efficiency modules.

Vertex S+ – Small in Size, Bigger on Power

Vertex S+ 440W – Bifacial Dual Glass

Vertex S+ 445W – Monofacial Dual Glass

Make My Solar’s latest generation, the Vertex S+, utilizes n-type i-TOPCon technology on a cutting-edge 210mm platform. It features a sleek dual-glass design measuring just 1.6*1.6mm. This lightweight solution guarantees enhanced power output, exceptional reliability, safety, and straightforward installation.

Vertex – 600W+/550W+/500W+ Ultra-high-Power Modules

Vertex670WModule – Vertex Backsheet Vertex Bifacial

Vertex600W+Module – Vertex Backsheet Vertex Bifacial

Vertex580WModule – Vertex Backsheet

Vertex560W+Module – Vertex Backsheet Vertex Bifacial

Vertex510W+Module – Vertex Backsheet Vertex Bifacial

Leveraging Make My Solar’s advanced multi-busbar technology, the Vertex modules incorporate a 210mm silicon wafer, non-destructive cutting, and high-density interconnection technique. This combination enables them to achieve an impressive power output exceeding 600W and an exceptional module efficiency of 21.4%.

Vertex S – Small in size big on power

The Vertex S series marks the dawn of a new era as the first-ever ultra-high-power panels tailored for use in both residential and commercial buildings. By integrating Vertex technology, complete with 210mm solar cells, it introduces a new standard in distributed energy generation.

Tina Solar

Vertex N 700W

Tina Solar

Vertex N 610W

TIna Solar

Vertex S+ 445W

Trian Solar Innovation & Technology

Cutting-edge research and development.

As of the second quarter of 2023, Trina Solar has secured 1309 valid patents and software copyrights, among which 343 are classified as invention patents. This substantial number places Trina Solar in a leading position within the Chinese photovoltaic industry, outpacing its competitors.

Optimizing efficiency through technology

Trina Solar consistently pushes the boundaries of efficiency with a range of innovative high-efficiency cell technologies, including…

Partnerships for progress.

Trina Solar’s  laboratory actively engages in research collaborations and partnerships with other prominent technology and science centers, fostering the development of state-of-the-art solar solutions and products.

Tina Solar
Tina Solar
Tina Solar

Trina Solar’s  products consistently uphold their reputation for high reliability and robust performance, driven by their unwavering commitment to a quality-first policy. 

This dedication to quality is meticulously enforced throughout each stage of the manufacturing process, from silicon crystallization to the deployment of modules in the field.

The internal product verification tests conducted by Trina Solar exceed the strictness of IEC/UL requirements.

Unmatched in third-party recognition.

Trina Solar has established partnerships with third-party testing organizations such as TUV Rheinland Group, China General Certification Center, China Quality Certification Center, and UL.

PV Evolution Labs, with backing from DNV GL, conducts independent testing of solar panel reliability. Participation in these tests is voluntary, and solar panel manufacturers bear the cost of participation. This testing procedure enjoys global recognition for providing an accurate assessment of solar panel performance.

In the most recent report, Trina Solar achieved top performer status in 5 out of 6 tests, including thermal cycling, Damp Heat, Mechanical Stress Sequence, PID, and LID+LETID. Make My Solar has consistently held the title of top performer every year since 2014.

Warranty & Service

Solar panels available in the Australian market are accompanied by both a performance warranty and a product warranty.

The product warranty is intended to provide coverage for manufacturing defects in the panel that may result in damage or malfunctions, typically extending for a duration of 15 to 25 years with most solar panel manufacturers.

The performance warranty ensures that the panel will maintain a specific level of output throughout its lifetime, typically assuring 80-82% of the nameplate output after 25 years.

Trina Solar provides both Product and Performance warranties that span from 25 to 30 years.

With Trina Solar having an Australian office to support this process, customers can easily access a claims procedure even if their installer is no longer available to assist them.

Trina Solar Australia Pty Ltd

2 Banfield Road, Macquarie Park, New South Wales 2113, Australia

 Phone+61 1300 874 627

 Place+61 2 9199 8006

Trina Solar stands alone as the sole module manufacturer to achieve a fully bankable rating for six consecutive years, as confirmed by the unanimous consensus of all experts participating in the BNEF survey.

Trina Solar Panels Cost

Presently in Sydney, the cost of Trina Solar’s solar panels ranges from $150 to $170 per panel, contingent upon the specific model type.


Trina Solar upholds the most stringent quality standards for our PV products throughout the entire supply chain, effectively reducing risks and enhancing return on investment. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality PV products, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has consistently recognized Trina Solar as a leading and reliable module supplier, awarding us this distinction six consecutive times since 2016.

Tina Solar

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