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A Best 10kW solar system, also known as a Best 9.9kW solar system, is one of the most popular solar power options for homeowners in Sydney and Australia and the whole world today. A 10 kW solar system provides enough power for joint and prominent families with big houses. From an investment viewpoint, a 10 kW solar system can be cost-effective.

We’ll explain why a 10 kW solar system is the most widely accepted Solar System by large Families. Let’s talk about 10 kW Solar’s pricing, productivity, savings, and other factors.

How much would a 10 kW Solar System Cost?

Typically, a 10kW solar panel installation costs somewhere between $7000 & $14000 depending upon the region where you live, the quality of the panel you are going to install, and which installer you choose.

The standard output of a 10 kW Solar in major cities

Adelaide                      39kWh

Brisbane                      40kWh

Melbourne                  35kWh

Perth                           42kWh

Sydney                        36kWh

Hobart                        33kWh 

What is the payback period for a 10 kW solar system?

A solar system’s payback period is the time it takes to recoup your investment after installation. When choosing a solar system, the payback period is necessary, as low payback periods are generally indicative of high-efficiency systems. The approximate Payback Period for a 10 kW Solar System is between 2.5 years to 4 years.

The payback period is affected by various factors, including location, roof pitch, panel orientation, system size, energy use, panel efficiency, and, of course, consumer consumption habits.

It also depends on the number of daylight hours. According to the climate condition, if your roof doesn’t receive enough sunshine, you’ll need to install more solar panels to produce enough electricity. 

How much power does a 10 kW solar system produce?

A 10 kW solar with an 8kW inverter may produce between 35kWh to 45kWh depending on the location where you reside, the orientation of the string of panels, the pitch of the roof, and finally sunlight hours at your site.

To produce this much electricity, the system would need to be in full sunlight for a total of at least 5.5 to 6 hours each day. 

How much space do I need for a 10 kW solar?

Each panel has a unique size, however often they fall between 1635 * 1125 * 35 (mm) and 2000 * 1.214 * 35 (mm). We can determine how many panels can be installed on top by measuring the size of the roof or shed where the system will be installed.

Make My Solar shares a design with the panel layout you desire. A very sophisticated software called NearMap is used in its creation.

Why does an 8kW Inverter go with a 10 kW Solar?

Because an 8 kW inverter can normally manage up to 133% of its capacity, it is best to take advantage of it; therefore, 10kW panels are installed with an 8 kW inverter.

Additionally, energy would be lost from the solar panels to the inverter due to the installation’s position, orientation, and roof’s pitch. Therefore, it is strongly advised to add more panels to have the required amount of energy as per the required solar inverter.

What is the Cost of 10 kW Solar with Battery?

If you live in a region where there are frequent power shortages, or if you use more power at night, getting batteries for your 10kW solar is highly advised.

Depending upon the Battery Brands, a 10 kW Solar System with an 8kW Inverter and a 5kWh battery can cost around $17000 and $25000. 

What is the cost of a 10 kW Solar with Fronius Inverter & SolarEdge Inverter?

Solar power is an amazing and affordable way to produce electricity. However, you must know how much a 10 kW Solar would cost before investing in one with one of the most well-known and highly efficient inverters, such as Fronius Inverter or SolarEdge Inverter.

A 10kW solar system with Fronius or SolarEdge Inverter can cost you between $12000 and $18000.

Find our packages with Fronius Primo 8.2 kW Inverter below.

fronius inverter with 9,.9kw solar

25 Jinko Tiger Pro 415 Watts (One of the Best Value Solar Panels) at $8500

27 Sunpower Performance Series 370 Watts (Premium – Most efficient & most reliable brand) at $12500

Typically, Fronius inverters and Solar Edge are more expensive than the other regular string inverters on account of having several features that set them apart from the rest.

Find our packages with SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter below.

25 Jinko Tiger Pro 415 Watts (One of the Best Value Solar Panels) at $11000

27 Sunpower Performance Series 370 Watts (Premium – Most efficient & most reliable brand) at $14000

The reason for SolarEdge being dearer than Fronius is the technology Module Level Power Electronics that offers visibility of each panel’s performance. Each optimizer is installed under each panel to optimize the efficiency of the panel & downgrading one panel’s performance does not affect others.

Can I install a Best 10 kW solar system on a single phase?

Yes, you can Install a 10 kW solar system on a single phase by installing an 8kW inverter along with your solar panel.

Is a 10 kW solar system the right choice or size for you?

Finding out which size of solar is the right choice for you depends on your current consumption & near-future planning as more people are installing EVs (Electric vehicles).

A 9.9 kW solar system or a 10 kW Solar may produce between 36kWh & 45kWh depending on the location & orientation of the roof. So, if the average daily usage is between 26kWh to 35kWh, a 10 kW solar would be a good fit for you. To know more in detail, click on the request to quote. 

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