Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel confident about your decision to go solar, so we’ve answered our most frequently asked questions about our solar solutions below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes absolutely, MMS is Aussie owned and operated company installing solar systems on residential and commercial properties in QLD and WA.

You can make payment either through bank transfer or credit card. Pay using credit card via our secure payment gateway or you can pay using Bank Transfer 

Installation takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending up on your location, Solar PV approval and complexity of the install.  

No, we do not. Infact its industry practice where mostly site visit is not required to provide quote. We use mapping technology to check your roof layout, measurements and then design panel layout. However, if you must insist to carry out site visit, we charge $199 inc GST and it may vary based on property location for site visit before install. 

We are Bisbane QLD based company however we are operating Australia wide.

Yes. Your presence on the day of the install will allow us to make sure the system is installed as per your preference ( if any) and setting up Wi-Fi on inverter.

A Solar System only works when the sun is out. It will not generate energy during night.

After installation, Energy retailers arrange the visit of their sparky who connects the system to the grid & it starts running & export surplus energy to the grid.