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It’s no secret that the cost of running your home, business or other property is rising. To keep costs down and expenses low, you may want to look at installing a premium system that can last long years.

And I’m pretty sure if you’re looking for solar panels, you’ve heard about SunPower solar panels.

One of the first companies to produce solar panels, they are well-known for being designed and manufactured in the United States and are very well-liked there. We have prepared an in-depth SunPower Solar Panel review that should answer all your questions.

SunPower Overview and Company History

With its corporate headquarters in San Jose, California, SunPower is an industry-leading brand name for residential and commercial solar panels.

It was co-founded in April 1985 by Dr Richard Swanson, a professor of electronics engineering at Stanford. The most effective solar panel currently in the Australian market is the SunPower Maxeon 3.

Their durability is due not only to the production of solar panels & power generation but also to their ongoing research and development of cutting-edge solar technology. As a result, compared to a standard solar panel, their unique Maxeon Solar Technology may provide 75% extra energy over the first 25 years & a certain model of Sunpower comes with 40 years of warranty.

As opposed to other companies, they have created a material that is flexible while lasting by using strong copper bases behind their solar cells. The Sunpower solar panels will live longer as a result and will be able to capture more energy and sunlight.

SunPower was divided into SunPower and Maxeon Solar in 2020 as a result of a $300 million investment by Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co. (TZS). Although Maxeon Solar currently makes solar panels, Sunpower is still used in branding.

Manufacturing facilities for Maxeon Solar can be found in France, Malaysia, Mexico, China, and the Philippines. Maxeon Solar is headquartered in Singapore.

To increase the production of high-efficiency solar panels, SunPower has expanded and established cutting-edge installations across the US, México, Europe, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines.

With the Neon R family of panels, which employ a related IBC cell technology, LG Energy was the only other producer to compete with the same levels of performance and efficiency during the past ten years but LG stopped producing solar panels starting in the middle of 2022.

There is no doubting the fantastic technical specs and excellent warranty of SunPower premium panels. But are they worth the high cost? Let’s investigate.


SunPower - Differentiating Features and Benefits

Designed to increase power generation in low-light situations including mornings, nights, and overcast days and to maximize electricity production through industry-leading efficiency.

With crack-resistant cells and stronger connections that guard against deterioration and fatigue, they are designed to perform in all kinds of weather. The microinverter in each panel enables independent panel operation to reduce the impact of shading while enhancing system efficiency.

Sunpower solar panels come with a power rating of 330W to 545W which means individual panels can produce 330 watts to 545 watts per hour in ideal conditions.

It means how much percentage of the sunlight a panel is capable of converting into usable electricity. Sunpower Panels come with a high-efficiency rating of 19.8% or 22.8%, so you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to generating energy from the sun! SunPower Maxeon 3, their first 400Wp household solar panel, was made available in 2019. With a 22.6% efficiency, this panel was the world’s most effective residential solar panel.

The Company’s Solar Panels are available in two different forms – Premium N-type and shingled cells.

Solar panels typically degrade at a rate of 2.5%- 3% in their first year of use and 0.7% each year after that. It indicates that a typical 25-year performance warranty for solar panels will guarantee 80%–85% of its nominal ratings after 25 years. The Maxeon series has a 25-year guarantee of 92% and is guaranteed to decline no more than 0.50 per cent each year.

SunPower Maxeon panels are the most environmentally friendly option in solar energy thanks to their clean materials, ethical manufacturing practices, and 40-year energy production lifespan.

Range of Sunpower Solar Panels

Under the name SunPower Corporation, Sunpower Solar now has three main series in Australia.

Maxeon, AC Modules, and Performance Solar are Sunpower’s three primary solar panel series, and each provides a range of different options to match residential, and commercial projects.

Maxeon Solar Panels

The Maxeon series, the company’s flagship item, is available in Australia in five different subseries: Maxeon 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. One of their three facilities, which are situated in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Mexico, manufactures them.

The latest product, the Maxeon 6, has the highest efficiency of 22.8%, making it the most effective solar panel available in Australia at the moment. The system efficiency of all panels under this range is above 22%, defining the industry benchmark.

The Maxeon solar panel can provide 340 to 440 Wp of power, with subsequent variants having higher output and efficiency. With 25 years of performance assurance and a degradation rate of just 0.5 percentage p.a. After the first year, Maxeon solar panels also provide the best guarantee terms in the market.

solar panel maxeon
performance series solar panel

Performance Series

Performance series panels, often known as P series panels, employ a distinctive shingled cell design featuring six extended parallel strings of shingled cells. This design offers higher sunlight tolerance when partially shadowed and is more cost-effective.

Monocrystalline PERC cells are used in Performance Solar Panels, whereas their back contact technology is used in the Maxeon series of panels. SunPower still provides an exceptional 25-year performance warranty in addition to a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on all P Series panels, even though they are based on common P-type silicon.

The P series comes in three sizes: 370W to 390W for smaller residential panels, 405W to 420W for larger format commercial panels, and 475W to 500W for extra-large utility-size panels. While not quite on par with the Maxeon series, the performance series provides exceptional quality at a more consumer-friendly price level. 87.2% minimum power output after 25 years of operation is warranted under a 25-year product warranty for the Sunpower Performance or P series panels.

AC Module

When paired with built-in Enphase micro-inverters, Sunpower’s Maxeon and Performance series panels are together known as AC modules. All of Sunpower’s AC solar panels have micro-inverters built right into them during the production process, which lowers the possibility of mistakes and speeds up installation.

The incredible 40-year manufacturing and performance warranty offered with Sunpower’s Maxeon AC Solar Panels is the best in the business. Integrated Enphase micro-inverters come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Important factors help to make a decision

A complete SunPower solar panel system can cost between 72 cents and 110 cents per watt, according to the latest costs quoted by manufacturers. To get a more accurate idea of what your solar panel installation will cost, please see our solar panel cost page.

Sunpower solar panels have a long history of performing well in both the lab and the field. Their solar panels have been tested in both simulated and real-world conditions, and they have consistently outperformed other brands.

Sunpower solar panels are also very affordable, which makes them a popular choice for many homeowners. Their panels are also easy to install, which is another factor that contributes to their popularity.

SunPower has been the industry leader in sustainability for many years and is the only company we know of that employs a full closed-loop sustainability strategy. SunPower continuously aims to drive sustainable business practices at every phase of the product life cycle and beyond. This strategy enabled SunPower to win the inaugural PV Magazine sustainability competition.

The world’s first solar panels to be Cradle-to-Cradle Certified is the Maxeon Panels from SunPower. This makes SunPower the world’s leading manufacturer of sustainable technology.

Both Performance warranty, and then product warranty is offered with solar panels there in the Australian market. Sunpower has a product warranty of 15, 25, and 40 years and a Performance warranty of 25-40 years.

The product warranty is the most significant because it covers manufacturing problems and most solar panel issues. means that, as long as they are installed properly and used as intended, their panels will be free of material and workmanship defects.

Almost all Sunpower Solar panels have a 25-year product guarantee, which is longer than the 12-year industry standard.

The performance warranty promises a specific amount of output for the panel’s lifespan; after 25 years, it promises typically 80-85% of the original production. The performance warranties for Sunpower’s solar panels range from 87% to an outstanding 92% after 25 years.

The solar panels from SunPower will perform at least 98 per cent of their original rated capacity in the first year. The panels won’t deteriorate more than 0.25 per cent annually for the following 24 years.

This yearly rate of degradation is half of the average industry-wide degradation rate of 0.5%. SunPower solar panels, therefore, generate more energy over time than some other solar panels since they age more slowly. One of the best warranties we’ve ever seen is this one.

Sunpower Panel Pros

  • Has the in highest-efficiency solar panels the solar industry today.
  • It also provides a 25-40 year comprehensive warranty on its panels and systems.
  • It has local offices in Melbourne.
  • It has the lowest degradation rate.

Sunpower Panel Cons

  • Does not offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to residential customers
  • Sunpower limits system customization to SunPower equipment only.
  • Sunpower has divested its manufacturing operations to Maxeon, a young firm that manufactures Sunpower panels.

Are SunPower Solar Panels Good Investment?

If you’re able to buy it. There is a strong case to be made that SunPower panels are the best in the Australian market. SunPower solar cells are undoubtedly among the best possibilities. Top-notch requirements in terms of effectiveness, thermal performance, power degradation, and a great warranty offer have been provided. The sole qualification is if the quote you receive will fit in your price range.

The goal of their performance panel to lower the cost of solar energy for everyone impressed me the most. The entire 25 years warranty is still included, but most households can afford this far more easily. They may be doing so to better the industry or in response to pressure from rival solar panels. In either case, it is fantastic. SunPower panels are unbeatable, and I would strongly advise getting these.


Our Recommendation

If you want to begin harnessing the power of the sun to fuel your home, it is an excellent idea to purchase a top-rated solar panel system from the outset. High-efficiency panels built to generate more energy will make your home operate efficiently, saving you money over the years. It’s possible to choose from high-quality panels and an associated system made to work well together made by SunPower.

Your initial investment might be a little higher, but it will eventually save you money in the long run. You might also want to consider comparing the performance of three or more solar panel firms before choosing your final option. Check out the panel alternatives, client reviews, solar panel warranty, and financing alternatives thoroughly.

If you’re interested in solar energy, make sure to Contact Us right away. Our knowledgeable professionals can provide you with a quote based on your specific needs. Get started today, and enjoy savings on your energy bill for years to come!

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