Month: January 2020

Solar Rebate In Australia 2020 : Know More About Solar Rebate in New Year

As well as the environmental benefits, the potential to save money is a big incentive for adding solar power to your home or office. For starters, powering some or all of a property with solar gives you a way to save on your electricity bills. But beyond that, you could also be eligible for government […]

Solar Roof Tiles Are Coming: What Australians Need To Know

One of the major problems with home solar panels is their size and appearance – who wants to bung a bunch of huge, ugly oblongs all over their roof? Now, imagine if the same solar cells could be built directly into the very fabric of your house. You just imagined something called “building-integrated photostatic” – […]

8 Facts About Installing Solar Panels for Your Home In 2020

1. Rooftop Solar Costs Have Fallen 60% since 2010 The cost to install solar panels has fallen far quicker than anyone in the energy industry ever expected. In 2010, you would’ve paid $7.34 per watt to install solar on your roof. That means you would’ve had to shell out $51,380 for an average sized system. […]

Solar Panels for Home Installation: Everything You Need To Know

Installing solar panels for your home is a long-term investment that not only lowers your energy costs and raises the value of your property, but also helps lower our own impact on the environment around us. The best way to understand if solar is right for you is to talk to a local installer, who […]

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