7 Questions to Ask For Your Solar Panel Installer

Solar power has consistently been valuable, and now it’s more open and practical than any time in recent memory.

You’ve done your exploration, chose that going Solar based is directly for you, and now you’re prepared to converse with sun installer temporary workers about introducing Solar Panel on your rooftop.

It is absolutely critical to pose the correct inquiries and we’ve assembled the best 5 questions that will assist you with finding right solar solution!

What are the 5 vital questions to pose to solar companies before installing solar panels?

The accompanying inquiries might represent the moment of truth your solar power companies venture. How about we investigate the most significant inquiries to pose your installer.

1. “What type of solar energy system is installed on your own roof?”

This is a good question to ask because any credible solar installer understands the value of solar energy, inside and out.

If they don’t have a system themselves, it could be a red flag. Not having solar installed on their own home or business is a sign that they might not be the best resource when it comes to showing you the benefits of one and installing it for you.

After all, if they truly believe in the benefits of solar power, it would make sense for them to reap the benefits.

2. “What system size should I choose for the most savings?”

Note that sizing a solar system is much more complex than simply taking a look at your electric bills and picking one that will produce enough electricity to match your usage.

The solar company rep first needs to collect the following information:

  • Your home energy usage patterns;
  • The orientation and angle of your roof;
  • The surplus amount of energy you’ll export to the grid; and
  • Which utility you use, how much they charge for electricity, and their rates.

This data is necessary when it comes to first determining the ideal system size for your home, and then creating a financial forecast based on that. We recommend steering clear of installers who claim that sizing your system is just a simple calculation. If you want to know more, find out what return you can get on your solar investment.

3. “Will you take a detailed look at my roof?”

Not only will the solar contractor have to make a recommendation for your system size, they will also need to physically inspect your roof. After all, it needs to be suited to have solar panels safely installed.

Depending on your roof’s overall condition and age, you might have to replace it prior to installing your solar system.

It is also important to keep in mind that when the contractor installs racks on your roof (to support the panels), they will be drilling holes. Make sure you ask what type of materials and equipment will be used to ensure you won’t have a leaky roof when it rains.

4. “What if my solar system doesn’t generate as much energy as anticipated?”

If the contractor promises that your system will produce a specific amount of energy each year, be sure to ask what will happen if the system or panel efficiency doesn’t meet your expectations.

There are several possible scenarios. For instance, maybe the company will add extra panels, free of charge. Or perhaps they’ll reimburse you for your system’s under performance.

Find out upfront what you can expect in this situation.

5. “What if my situation changes over the next few years?”

Life happens, and as a result, your solar needs may change over time.

For example, your family might end up expanding, or you may add additional rooms to your home. In these instances, what will happen if your installed system design ends up not being big enough?

The best thing you can do to prevent this from happening is to purchase a solar system that is large enough to cover potential future usage.


7 Questions to Ask For Your Solar Panel Installer

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